Dr. Roy Denoon & Dr. Graeme Wood at ASCE Structures Congress

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Dr. Roy Denoon and Dr. Graeme Wood presenting at ASCE Structures Congress in Portland

Terrace Paver Test
Wind tunnel testing loose-laid pavers

Loose-laid pavers are commonly used on building terraces, balconies, and rooftops. When determining the appropriate gaps between pavers, designers generally consider the balance between effective drainage and pedestrian safety. However, the gaps between pavers can change the wind pressures on the pavers, including the uplift wind force. But paver gaps are too small for effective scale-model wind tunnel testing. So how can paver layouts and specifications account for the effects of wind, which can be damaging to inadequately-designed paver areas?
On Saturday, April 25th, join CPP Vice President Dr. Roy Denoon and Director Dr. Graeme Wood at ASCE Structures Congress as they present, “Simultaneous Nett Wind Pressures on Loose-laid Pavers.” The presentation will describe and examine a new analytical technique to estimate overall wind pressures on pavers, accounting for the gaps between them.

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