CPP’s Brad Cochran to share essential insights at the 2019 I2SL China Chapter Conference

Laboratory Exhaust Systems for safe and sustainable lab environments

Join I2SL for their 2019 China Chapter Conference for the necessary knowledge and contacts to advance sustainable laboratories.

The 2019 China Chapter Conference begins August 1, 2019, at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. It will feature 52 speakers from eight countries as they cover over 65 timely topics.

I2SL is dedicated to advancing the principles of sustainable laboratories, including their design, engineering, and operation. Global partnerships and international chapters encourage the development of high-tech facilities for science, medicine, and other research.

CPP’s Brad Cochran will host two sessions, Basics of Dispersion Modeling of Laboratory Exhaust Systems and The Basics of Laboratory Exhaust Design, as well as a training workshop, Designing Safe and Energy-Efficient Laboratory Exhaust Systems.

Lab exhaust systems must safely remove contaminants and prevent hazardous exhaust from reentering the facility or impacting sensitive surrounding areas. The appropriate application of dispersion modeling techniques can ensure a safe exhaust system design and an energy efficient operation.

Cochran’s two sessions will cover best practices for design and provide modeling guidance for lab designers. The workshop will build on the principles that Cochran covers in his earlier sessions. As exhaust systems can be responsible for up to 30% of a lab’s total energy consumption, overdesigning can lead to high initial capital costs and long-term energy consumption. Alternatively, cutting corners can contribute to unhealthy environments as adverse air quality impacts the lab occupants and their neighbors. Cochran will share experiences and knowledge gained from decades in the industry.

Attendees will benefit from Cochran’s extensive expertise. With a BS and MS in mechanical engineering, an MBA, and a PE license, he has authored and presented papers on laboratory exhaust design for various organizations throughout the world. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE), and the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL). He is also a member and Distinguished Speaker of I2SL, he is the current chair of ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 9.10 Laboratory Systems, and a corresponding member of its Technical Committee 4.3 Ventilation and Infiltration.

Additionally, in 2011 Cochran became one of the first recipients of I2SL’s prestigious GO BEYOND Award for his outstanding contributions to efficiency and sustainability in lab design.

With sessions, roundtables, trainings, and more, the 2019 China Chapter Conference is your chance to hear from and meet with industry experts like Cochran. Learn more about the conference here. We hope to see you there!